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With a focus on patient care, Mr Dean White and his team strive to deliver the highest standards of surgical treatment.

The preoperative consultation and evaluation is an important interaction between the patient and the physician. This process allows Mr White to carefully evaluate the patient’s overall health status, determine risk factors against the procedure, educate the patient, and discuss the procedure in detail.

During this stage, the patient should gain a realistic understanding of the proposed surgery, consider alternative treatment options, and realise the possible complications.

A treatment plan will be developed to best suit the patient’s individual needs. A well-planned and efficient operation with meticulous surgical technique can improve the patient’s recovery as well as surgical complications.

Comprehensive Postoperative Care

The patient should always receive attentive and comprehensive postoperative care that begins immediately after surgery. The type of care a patient requires depends on the type of surgery they have undergone but typically includes pain management and wound care.

Patients will be monitored while in hospital and once discharged, it is very important that Mr White’s instructions are carefully followed. A number of postoperative visits with Mr White will be scheduled. From a few days after your surgery up until a year after, you will have regular appointments to ensure that your healing process progresses as anticipated.


Our Staff

Our team consists of experienced staff to advise and assist you at all times. Their friendly and compassionate nature is comforting and supports our patients through their procedures.

We take the time to listen to our patients’ needs so that we can propose a highly individualised and effective treatment plan. Throughout your treatment, our staff are here to provide care and convenience. The aim of our whole team is to bring our combined wealth of knowledge and personal skills to make sure that you have the best experience possible.

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COVID-19 Update
Due to the recent effects of COVID-19 and the new telehealth medicare provider number, Mr Dean White is moving to a telehealth model.

To learn more and find out what this means for you, as a patient of Mr White, please click the button below.