Your First Consultation

At your first consultation we will ask you to complete a registration form and medical questionnaire. These are available to download from the website below to save you time when you arrive.

Mr White will often take clinical photographs to assist in your care – these form a part of your confidential medical history. We also ask for permission to use these for teaching and education purposes – this aspect is completely voluntary and we respect your wishes if you choose to not give permission for this.

You will then have your consultation with Mr White where your diagnosis and treatment options will be discussed with you. If surgery is required then a date will be arranged and the necessary hospital paperwork completed in conjunction with the office staff.

A written quote will be provided to you outlining the surgical fees and an estimation of what other fees may be incurred (Anaesthetist, Pathology, Private Insurance Excesses etc). A complimentary education pack is provided giving more information about the nature of your condition and what to do before and after surgery.

Complex reconstructive and cosmetic surgery consultations

Complex reconstructive and cosmetic consultations have an extended first consultation. We recommend having a second consultation (which is generally included at no extra cost to you) a week or two later with Mr White. This is to enable you to have time to reflect on the information provided in the first consultation and be able to ask any further questions which you may have. Whilst many people are well educated about many of these procedures it is important to understand how they relate to you as an individual.

Got A Question?

Ask any questions you might have regarding a procedure and voice any concerns you may have.

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COVID-19 Update
Due to the recent effects of COVID-19 and the new telehealth medicare provider number, Mr Dean White is moving to a telehealth model.

To learn more and find out what this means for you, as a patient of Mr White, please click the button below.